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Decorative Arts Furniture 

Truely unique cracked gesso artworks gilded in an array of precious metals that are then cast in a protective resin

This Year I'm proud to be working with Luke Black on this exciting luxury product range designed around his gilded artworks. 

Static photos do not do these works of art justice. They need to be viewed in person to truly appreciate how light reflects off the many faceted surfaces as you move around each one.


The images below show the panels currently available as a coffee table. Keep a close eye on this site, as over the year Luke will produce more artworks and I shall increase the product range with further complementing pieces of furniture.

Each individual artwork is available seated in a chocolate walnut coffee table.

We are also offering a smaller scale piece in the form of a luxury tea tray.

Please Visit Luke Blacks site to see available art panels 

from the home page navigate to the decorative arts tab

                                     Luke Black ltd 

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